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Rental activities are part of UNITRANS core business. We can offer customers additional on-site flexibility and can support other contractors to improve scheduling and logistics. We support numerous local projects, large and small, that mostly require versatile, smaller cranes.

At large construction sites UNITRANS can provide a complete fleet of large and small cranes, transport vehicles and additional equipment.

Cranes and crews Most rental telescopic cranes are in the range of 30 - 750 tons capacity and can be dispatched quickly along roads and railways to any destination. Reservations and logistics are managed from local offices.

For capacities over 300 tons, UNITRANS offers a choice of lattice boom, crawler cranes. The reservations and logistics are managed by UNITRANS Global, in co-operation with the regional offices.

An advantage of UNITRANS rental contracts is that the unexpected need for extra equipment, immediate repair and replacement, is ensured at all times. UNITRANS also provides trained crews to operate the cranes and transporters.

Heavy Lifting

Every lift is engineered and planned in detail and includes an engineered rigging study to ensure maximum safety and efficiency throughout the entire lifting procedure.

We offer the most advanced and extensive inventory of lifting equipment in the world, including cranes up to 1.350 tons capacity. All rigging equipment is regularly maintained and inspected to the highest standards and key components are further load-tested to ensure the utmost lifting safety.


UNITRANS has the experience and capability to find the best solutions in transporting a wide range of structures, equipment and materials. From the selection of equipment to loading, securing, unloading activities; determination of jurisdictional weight and size restrictions; relocation of utilities and obstacles, we manage the entire operation.

The company has developed excellent long-standing mutually respectful relations with regulatory and advisory agencies governing transportation. These relationships enable UNITRANS to provide the best transportation solutions for its customers.

Total Solutions

When moving large and/or heavy objects there are numerous constraints to cope with before determining the optimal solution. These are assessed by an in-depth engineering effort. Stability of the load during movement is critical; to ensure this, extra support may be necessary. The initial and end configurations of the load have to be considered. Structural integrity has to be checked. In addition, a detailed time schedule should be developed to plan the operation within specified requirements. UNITRANS provides all the necessary skills and expertise to engineer a comprehensive package, which forms the blueprint for any operation.

The demands on crane work, heavy transport and the entire project logistics have grown massively in recent years. Which we follow with our modern fleet of vehicles and innovative transport solutions. Always with the goal of finding new ways to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

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Our operations in the petrochemical and chemical industries largely relate to maintenance work, the replacement of plant modules, complete overhauls and the expansion or construction of production sites.


UNITRANS services to the opencast and deep mining industry include transporting and installing large modular plants at remote mine sites, general lifting services and supporting maintenance operations.


UNITRANS has established a formidable reputation for itself in all parts of the power industry, from fossil fuel and nuclear plants to facilities using renewable energy sources.


Experience of multimodal transport by road, rail and water, together with equipment for lifting, skidding and jacking heavy loads ensure UNITRANS position as a full-service provider in the market for civil projects and infrastructure works.


UNITRANS activities in the offshore industry include the accurate and safe implementation of transport solutions by land and by water, load-ins and load-outs, and the assembly of extremely large and heavy items.

With more than 30 years of experience and working all over Europe and Africa, you can trust in UNITRANS


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